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Exposición Panamá-Pacific Rum is a Spanish-style molasses-derived rum made at the San Carlos distillery in the Provincia de Herrera region of Panamá. Panamá’s year-round hot and humid climate of an average 35° C (95° F) is the perfect environment for our rum to mature under the careful supervision of our always-attentive quality control team. We bottle no rum until it has entirely achieved the stated age… Panamá-Pacific’s age statement reflects the youngest rum in the blend, not just a portion of it.

Our rum production begins in Panama’s interior, in Provincia de Herrera, where we harvest our sugarcane during its optimal maturity between the months of January and May. Once harvested, we extract the sugarcane’s succulent juices within a short twelve-hour window in order to retain their bright, fresh sweetness. The cane juice is then evaporated into a rich, delicious molasses, to which we add yeasts extracted from pineapples to ferment the sugars into a low-alcohol mash which will then be strengthened through distillation.

In keeping with early rum production traditions originally applied in Cuba, we then distill the cane mash in our historic Coffey copper column still to a slightly lower proof than is normally achieved in other distilleries, creating our rum’s signature richer, fuller flavor and character. After distillation, we rest the fresh cane spirit in Kentucky bourbon casks initially for three years. Samples of that young rum are then carefully reviewed to determine integrity for a potentially-longer aging regimen. Those rum selections deemed worthy of an extended maturation are then transferred into exhausted Tennessee and Canadian whiskey barrels, whose oak flavors are more depleted, for a gentle imparting of vanilla, caramel and butterscotch notes without over-dominating our balanced essential flavors of cane and molasses. During this extended aging, the rum rests in its casks until optimal flavors are attained.