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Montana’s Best…

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Grain and water are the elements that underlie the world’s most cherished traditional spirits.  We are fortunate to distill in Montana, where the lands of the ‘Last Best Place’ produce a bounty from volcanic earth and abundant snowmelt.

We distill exclusively from Montana-grown grain.  None of our spirits are made with purchased neutral grain spirit (NGS) or whiskey sourced from another producer.

We grow our own wheat and rye at the Montgomery family ranch near Lewistown, Montana.  All our white spirits are made from our own grain and in 2015 we set down the first casks of Montgomery-grown rye.  An heirloom strain of Abruzzi rye sourced from Italy will be trialed in 2016, and if successful will form the basis for our rye whiskey program.

Visit “Stillworks” to learn more about our distillation process