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While in France…

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The Manor is a family Apreval domain cider vocation located on the outskirts of Honfleur, on the banks of the Seine estuary, the borders of Pays d’Auge but also the heart of the Côte de Grâce, that of Eugene Boudin, Monet and Erik Satie. Victor Revillon came to settle in the early 20th century and developed on 25 hectares around the Manor Apreval, in collaboration with a farmer, a mixed farming tradition of Norman. At the end of the century, Revillon Flavie, granddaughter of Victor and domain owner decided with her daughter Agathe Letellier to specialize in the cultivation of apple and cider production. Thus was begun in 1998, a new plantation 1800 tall stalks with 17 varieties of apple cider apples.  Variety selection was the result of a study of the nature of the soil and a deeper reflection on the specifics of apple cider. And 17 varieties were selected for their high tannin, their sugar, their harvest period, their natural strength, typical Pays d’Auge and taste category. Today, these apple varieties carefully selected part of the composition of our different ciders and Calvados typical Pays d’Auge, Normandy Knob, cider vinegar and apple juice pure juice. It is in this spirit of constant search for quality and respect for our land that we welcome our customers with the area that we like to share our expertise and enjoy all our unique drinks that are involved in the expression of our terroir augeron.