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Italy’s Finest…

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World-renowned bartender, Giancarlo Mancino, has crafted and brought to the stage a collection of Italian Vermouths with the classics in mind.

These traditional Italian formulas, dating back to the 1900’s, were carefully blended to seduce the cocktail, enhancing its body and luster, and were created as the must have ingredient to all Vermouth based classics and all their contemporary followers by carefully infusing the perfect selection of premium and natural botanicals. Thus delivering a delicate, yet powerful unforgettable palate.

The result is a sophisticated elixir, a complex and well balanced boutique aperitif that will make any Vermouth based cocktail an exceptional experience.

These Vermouths are not only for the classics we all love but are also superb on their own, chilled straight up or on ice, promising the beginnings of a sweet kiss bursting into a bitter tongue.