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Three Generations In The Making:

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Douglas Laing & Co. was founded in 1948 by Fred Douglas Laing – “FDL” – a man on a mission to sell his prized Scotch Whiskies around the globe.

We are now in our third generation of Laing’s at the helm and we continue to regard ourselves as Whisky Specialists. Our aim is to steadfastly create a quality, handcrafted selection of the finest Blends, with an extensive range of Single and ‘Vatted’ Malts together with some old Grains gleaned from our large stocks, gathered and replenished over many decades.

We blend (where appropriate) and bottle all our whiskies with such care and devotion that we’ve earned ourselves an enviable reputation for style and taste, one which we continuously strive to enhance.

Our Malt and Blended Scotch Whiskies have been laid down to rest and mature over many long years awaiting your consumption and fortunately they are available in a growing number of specialist outlets.

We sincerely hope that you will seek them out – then relax and take your time to enjoy all our whiskies at the same leisurely pace that they have been waiting for you…