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Ho, ho, ho and a bottle of rum…

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Caribbean Spirits is the official importer for the Spanish market with a wide range of premium spirits, as well as we have been one of the largest importers fine rums since 2005.

Duquesne Rums
White and Amber Duquesne rums are produced at the Trois Rivières rum distillery. A vat is reserved for this purpose and a distilling column is designated especially for its processing. The technique used is slightly different from that employed in producing Trois Rivières rum, hence bestowing a typical characteristic upon the Duquesne rums.

Lemon Hart Rums
We are the first brand of dark rum, proudly being served since 1804. In the late 18th century, Mr. Lehman (“Lemon”) Hart was appointed as the first official purveyor of rum to the Royal Navy and subsequently established the Lemon Hart Rum Company in London, England in 1804. Lemon Hart’s signature rum blend that he supplied to the Royal Navy was from the colony of Demerara, sourced exclusively from the Caribbean country of Guyana, as it still is today. Casks of the finest aged rums were brought across the high seas from the Caribbean, to be blended into a rare and magnificent premium product that still remains, over two centuries later, an honour to Lemon Hart’s name. Savour the incredible complexity of flavours and smooth taste Demerara rums make once masterfully blended and crafted into a premium spirit that has honoured Mr. Hart’s passion and name for over two centuries.

Neisson Rhums
Packaged in a bottle-rounded, reasonable of all: “Zépol Kare” as say the fans, our rums are the result of know-how constantly renewed from the cane fields to the aging cellars. This little plant can today boast of having preserved its independence as preserving a fragile treasure, at a time when most distilleries are absorbed by large groups. Thus, the distillery Neisson remains an essential reference in quality, authenticity, and unique place in the heart of its loyal customers: a rum Lontan Antan.

Worthy Park Estate
Known for producing the heaviest rums in the Caribbean, Jamaican distillers have been producing rum since the 17th century. Patented in 1670, Lluidas Vale is a 1200′ elevation plateau nestled in the central Jamaican mountains. Worthy Park Estate is the principal feature of this lush valley where sugar cane has been grown for nearly 350 years. Today, this privately owned sugar mill is the most efficient of the handful of sugar mills operating on the island. Molasses from the sugar mill is used as the raw material for the single pot still with two retorts. Modern control systems are married with traditional still design to produce three distinct rum products – light, very light and heavy bodied rums that are blended to make Worthy Park Rums. In addition to the traditional heavy Jamaican rums, Worthy Park ages some of their lighter rums in used American oak barrels for their Worthy Park Gold rum.

Diamond Distillery
Demerara Distillers Ltd is the result of centuries of mergers and acquisitions in one of the oldest rum producing regions in the world. Numerous copper and stainless steel stills and wooden pot and column stills produce a variety of marques of rum that are then aged in Guyana to produce their iconic rums. I have selected a blend of rums aged up to five years old from which to blend my Hamilton rums.