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In the Beginning….

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In October, 2010, after returning from Italy, we went on a quest to find the best limoncello in America. So what’s limoncello you ask? It’s the national drink of Italy—which makes you lit up enough to buy the artwork off the walls. Well, that was our experience at least. Failing to replicate the taste and experience of that wonderful Italian trip, we became enamored with making our own limoncello.

In pursuing our vision of opening a mini-distillery in America–actually we never had the vision until we became sweetly intoxicated in Italy on limoncello–we found a unique 12-acre parcel in Charles Town, WV, with an 1840s, abandoned log cabin steeped in history, but in need of a loving restoration. (It was really dilapidated.) We took on the challenge and created a charming mini-distillery where we make artisan cordials by hand from our farm’s own lemons and raspberries. Yes, lemons in WV—which makes a limoncello that rivals any Italian limoncello. Hands-down! In fact, we have over 20 international awards under our belt. But we’re not just about limoncello.

Loving the creativity and freedom of running a mini-distillery (who wouldn’t) we’ve added to our original creation. We’ve crafted a variety of  SweetShines, from chocolate raspberry, to peach ‘shine, to our  proprietary raspberry lemon, to our “Moonshine Milkshake Cremma Lemma.” We’ll try macerating pretty much anything as long as it’s a fruit, root or nut. Go figure.