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Warwick Valley

Warwick Valley winery & Distillery logo

American Fruits® Distillery is New York’s first Fruit Distillery. We are currently producing apple and pear brandies (eaux de vies) and a line of all natural fruit liqueurs: Black Currant Cordial, Bourbon Barrel Aged Apple Liqueur, Grappa Grape Brandy, and Sour Cherry Cordial. Our liquers make great mixed drinks, see below for recipes.

In 2001 the Warwick Valley Winery imported a steam fired German Copper Still (pictured here) and in 2002 became the first licensed distillery in the Hudson Valley since prohibition.

We are now producing a line of exceptional fruit brandies and liqueurs under the brand name American Fruits™. The American Fruits line of distilled spirits capture the true essence of the fruit and are reminiscent of the finest French and German fruit brandies.

Warwick Rustic Gin is distilled using the finest hand selected botanicals: juniper berries, citrus peel (lemon and lime), coriander, angelica root, anise.

Both brands are currently available from the Warwick Valley Winery & Distillery!