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Our Spirits – Bitters

Technically not beverage alcohol, cocktail bitters, or aromatic bitters, have enjoyed a resurgence with the revival of cocktail culture, since they are essential to classic cocktails. Cocktail bitters are a proprietary blend of botanicals with a bitter backbone (gentian or quinine, as described above; some use Hawaiian oak or hawthorn) that have been macerated in a spirit for several days and then cut to an appropriate ABV (typically 43-58%).

Bitters are designed to be used as seasoning for cocktails; think of them as the salt and pepper of the cocktail world. Like salt, bitters are not added to cocktails for extra bitterness, but rather because their bitterness emphasizes other flavors within a drink; for example, Angostura bitters added to a Manhattan bolster the spiciness, woodiness, and sweetness inherent in the whiskey and vermouth.

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